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All Finenzo companies advise and mediate in financial matters in the broadest sense. Mortgages? Yes! Not only mortgages, but also insurance, pensions, savings, investments, loans and many other products. Finenzo companies are independent. They are in no way affiliated with any other financial institution. In other words, we can offer any product provided by any financial institution as long as it is to your advantage.


Expertise in financial services is essential. Financial products are becoming more and more complex. There is a wide variety of choice and it is not always clear what would be the best option for you the client. Therefore all Finenzo advisors are regularly retrained. So you can be assured of an up-to-date and high-quality service!

Our services

There are four parts to our service: orientation, advice, mediation and maintenance. They fit together, but are in essence independent of each other. It is your decision which of these services you want to use.


Your first consultation is free of charge and is to find out why you have contacted us and what we can do for you. You will receive some general information, including a document of the services we provide. After your initial consultation you decide which of our services you want to use.


After the first consultation we perform a more thorough examination, in which we discuss your financial situation, your needs and goals. We find out what your knowledge and experience in financial matters are and of course to what extent you are willing to take risks. On this basis, we create a customer profile for you, to give you sound and appropriate advice.

We will provide information on the markets available, appropriate financial structures and financial products from various providers. We will show you the impact of the different scenarios on your personal financial situation. We will summarise our advice in a written advice-summary report.

We want to discuss and explain our advice with you in detail, so you always understand the implications of the financial decisions you are going to take. Even if you have been advised elsewhere and need a second opinion, Finenzo is the right place.


 We have excellent working relationship with a large number of financial products providers. If you want to purchase a product of one of these providers, we can take a mediating role for you. We can assist in negotiating terms between you and the provider of your choice. In addition, we maintain contact with the provider on your behalf. The work we do on your behalf will be predetermined and agreed upon in an order confirmation. For mediation the starting point is always appropriate and detailed advice. It is important that you are buying a product that fits your situation. In most cases, we have provided this advice, but it is also possible that we mediate on the basis of advice that another consultant has given.


We can assist you after you have purchased a product. This may be because your circumstances have changed (divorce, relocation, change of loan, etc.) and the product no longer fits your situation, or needs adjusting.


All of our offices are located in the Netherlands:

Den Bosch



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